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Lion head master: Shih Shuin Ron


Gold, wood, water, fire and wood are the five elements in this lion; here's a hollow 3-D Cantonese lion; a semi-3-D Taiwanese lion, and a Hakka lion that opens its mouth. These are all by Shih Shuin Ron, who is famous for making lion heads. He also teaches creativity to students in his classes.The traditional way of making a lion's head starts by putting dirt or clay into a mold, then adding paper mach? and cloth. Then the mold and dirt are removed, and more paper, a frame, and easy-to-hold handles are added. After the head is formed, a base color is added, then coloring. Finally the ears, whiskers and a bell, which symbolizes a tool to get rid of evil spirits, complete the process. Taiwanese lions sport a Ba Gua on the head to ward off evil, and an open mouth for richness. Shih Shuin Ron gives Taiwanese lions better dimensions, in the style of the eight generals, by painting the lion face with colors and adding a cloud hook on the head, to make it a unique floral lion of Lugang.


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