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Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. The sword casting master Guo Chang-xi


The swords collide with terrifying power. The Green Destiny in the movie 「Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon」 along with 400 swords were all made by the sword casting master Guo Chang-xi.After 50 years of casting swords, Guo still goes to Japan to further refine his craft, despite his having received countless national awards. You can recognize and appreciate Guo's unique craftsmanship with his multilayer pattern welded steel.Orders from the US and Japan all request Guo to cast Ru Chi Shen's 108 kg Buddhist monk's staff from Outlaws of the Marsh or the Green Dragon Crescent Blade held by Guan Yu. Having to work with heat at 1,300 degrees never melts Guo's passion for sword casting. He is truly the pride of Taiwan!


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